How To Convert A Photo to Line Art Drawing in Photoshop 2022

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 Top 8 Easy Steps on How to Convert an Image to a Line Drawing or Sketch Image in Photoshop 2022 Basic to Advanced Learning

To turn a photo into a sketch, you need to have basic ideas about working in Photoshop. You have to know how to use various editing and masking tools to get a flawless and pro result. 

We will be following the steps below to get our final result.

  1. Adjust Photo Contrast
  2. Set Up The Layers
  3. Use Adjustment Layer To Turn The Image To Grayscale
  4. Convert The Image Into Line Drawing
  5. Set Image’s Foreground And Background Color
  6. Add Pencil Shading
  7. Add Cross Hatching Effect
  8. Final Touch-Ups And Modifications

Before I take you to the main steps, let me give you the primary idea of how we will start. you can learn to create the basic outlines for the subjects in the image. All images are not the same. And there may be required some more work than others. 

That is why it is essential to prepare the image before applying any effect or masking to turn it into a line drawing. And if you are doing it as commission-based work, preparing the photo correctly will help you achieve a satisfying result.

Now, let’s start the tutorial on how to sketch in Photoshop from images. When starting, ensure the image is ready on your Photoshop app or software.

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