What Are Smooth Edges In Photoshop?

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Smooth Edges

When cutting the subject of a photo from a background, it is not uncommon to cut it with unnecessary or uneven edges. You may not present these images anywhere for professional purposes, as jagged edges may stand out and make the image appear incomplete.

Cutting certain shapes from the background can be easy without much hassle. But complex image issues require some editing to refine those edges and make the new background look normal with the cut-out image.

And this is when you use some Photoshop tools and editing methods to blend the theme well with the new background without showing any jagged areas. And we call it the smooth edge in Photoshop. It is also known as Soft Edge Photoshop because image editing makes pixels softer.

You can use various editing software in Photoshop Border, the Photoshop application is more popular for having the necessary tools and increasing the image quality. Here are the tools you will need to smooth out the edges in Photoshop.

  • Burning machine
  • Trick tool
  • Refine the edge brush
  • Gaussian Blair
  • Level

Who needs smooth edge photos?

If you have read this article so far, you may already have some idea who needs these images. Even if you don’t, there are more details here to satisfy your curiosity.


Photographers don’t just take pictures. They often have to edit and retouch images to improve quality and improve images. And if they are removing the background from the image, they need to know how to soften the edges in Photoshop.

Photography Studio / Photo Editing Agency

Photography studios use background-changing software and tools for a variety of purposes. And that’s why they need smooth edge images to provide better quality images for their clients. The same goes for photo editing agencies, which provide professionally edited images for businesses and people.

Own e-commerce site

Without well-edited images, surviving the brutal competition for an e-commerce businesses is challenging. And for e-commerce business photos, the background needs to be changed and edited all the time. So when moving an image from one background to another, the edges of the image need to be smoothed.


Retailers and online business owners use edited images all the time. In addition to product photography, they often have models and other things in a photo that need to be moved with a different background. That’s why retailers need edited images with refined edges.

Magazines and advertising agencies

Magazines and advertising agencies always use professionally edited images so that the published photos look eye-catching. So it’s no surprise that photos with their smooth edges should look flawless and attractive to viewers.

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